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Kypsi is a B2B marketing agency that helps startups to medium-size companies with done-for-you business development using top sales executives.

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Performance Pipeline Management - Cold Call and Email Marketing

From building your prospect lists to running high-level cold-calling and email marketing efforts, we understand the fundamental psychology of starting business relationships. Our all-star team includes SDR's and Closers with experience from medical sales to tech, and everything in between. Additionally, outreach is supported by prospect research for ultra personalized engagement potential. Ultimately, people do business with people they like, and Kypsi powers your company with the right business and emotional intelligence.

Social Media Campaigns - B2B and B2C

When it comes to B2B, LinkedIn is an invaluable tool. Nevertheless, your prospects are also on other channels like Facebook,Twitter, and beyond. Our team tailors direct-message strategies, ad campaigns and content marketing to build powerful B2B and B2C funnels. What's more, digital campaigns can stand alone or integrate with a broader phone sales strategy.

Tested Cold-Call Scripts, Sales Collateral and Case Studies.

The difference between you and a predictable client acquisition strategy is the right conversation. Period. From the pitch itself, to even acquiring your first case study, Kypsi can equip your team with tested conversations backed by a team that has experience with tens of thousands of sales engagements.

Sales Team Training

Looking to upgrade your sales machine? Over 90% of sales teams are missing out on ROI multiples right now because of sub-optimal processes, sales culture, training and/or systems. What if you could squeeze double the juice from the same orange? Book a Kypsi Sales Consultant that can help identify the problem, create custom sales training videos for your specific business, recommend new processes and workflows, and even provide coaching sessions to help you and your team make more money.

Start-Up Accelerator Services

Kypsi has helped over 500 companies including start-ups in SaaS, Tech, and Healthcare to prove and refine sales offerings as well as launch successful pilots and business development campaigns. If that isn't a mouthful, we've partnered with leading Start-Up Accelerators to deliver our clients access to the right investment and enterprise networks in order to build and scale sustainably.

How We Work

At Kypsi, we take projects from companies that we can serve best. The journey starts with a strategy session with one of our consultants in order to determine fit and define approach. From there, we launch a feedback-driven marketing campaign around your specific growth parameters.

Strategy Session
We’ve run B2B campaigns with engagements all the way to the Top 10 Fortune 500 companies; every business has varying layers of complexity. That being said, step one is a strategy session with one of our consultants to understand your business and desired objectives.
Campaign Proposal - (RFP)
After delving into the intricacies of your business, current state, and desired outcomes, we'll put together a specific campaign action plan and detailed scope of work for your review.
Marketing Execution
Once we discuss the Campaign Proposal, a campaign manager is assigned to run and oversee execution strategy, and integration with your current operations.

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